Keep Calm and Enjoy Fishing in Quepos, Costa Rica

Quepos Fishing Adventure: Best Time to Enjoy With Family

There are many things that make Costa Rica a great fishing destination and most popular among the fishermen. There is no question regarding why Costa Rica is prominent for fishing? However, you may as of now be able to find some famous areas for fishing in Costa Rica yet there are couple of obscure places that are useful for Quepos Tuna Fishing

There are so many good angling spots in Costs Rica and one of the best places is the island of Mono Congo. This incredible angling spot is only 5 minutes from Punta Coral and it offers you an extraordinary diversion angling opportunity free waters.

Punta Coral is a beautiful scenic island with a lot of green vegetation. Apart from the fishing in Quepos, you could also enjoy number of other sports and adventure activities in Punta Coral.  Here, the anglers mostly eye on Rooster fish which is a bit hard to catch, but if you have patience and use the right technique then you could get couple of them in a day. You could also find Red Snapper, Grouper, Pacific Sierra Mackerel, Jack Crevalle, Skipjack Tuna and Crocodile Needlefish in the area. If weather remains pleasant and sea remains calm then you could also find Dorado (Mahi) and  Wahoo and complete your successful fishing expedition. The good thing is that all these fishes are accessible all-round the year however their strength and number may varies from season to season.